Color Your Own Cover of William Tenn's 3 Science Fiction Stories (Including Stress-Relieving Outer Space Coloring Pages for Adults)

Color Your Own Cover of William Tenn's 3 Science Fiction Stories (Including Stress-Relieving Outer Space Coloring Pages for Adults)

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Create your very own version of 3 Science Fiction Stories by William Tenn!

These are three imaginative science fiction stories by an author I admire, William Tenn.

Because of their superior ability to use and understand logic, women rule in Venus, a man's world. With 'Venus Is a Man's World', you will be taken on a humorous, satirical ride that only William Tenn can do. Intuitive, wry, and intelligent.

In Project Hush, we were stuck with the name and had to take extra measures to ensure secrecy. Instead of the usual monthly visit, everyone on the project had to report to Psycho several times a week for DD & HA -- dream detailing and hypnoanalysis. Obviously, under penalty of court-martial, the commanding general of the heavily fortified research post where we were attached could not ask what we were doing. However, he had to be instructed to shut off his imagination whenever he heard an explosion.

Tenn's works are all illuminated by a unique imagination that ranges from the hilarious to the serious in this remarkable collection. Throughout this book, you will be able to experience any dimension of reality as real as your own street. The book takes you four to five hours to read.

As a part of art therapy, it has become widely recognized that coloring is an effective way to find inner balance and escape from hectic everyday life. Find your inner peace and balance while coloring beautiful complex shapes. Create an original design of one of your favorite classics!

Key Features:

♥ Beautiful outer space designs to color at the beginning of each chapter

♥ Front and back covers can be colored with photo pens and markers

♥ Coloring supports relaxation and stress reduction and resembles soothing meditation

♥ Designed to bring some sunshine to your life, but also help you affect positive change

♥ A nice sized format (8.5"x11") to carry, color and read

Interested? Then look inside the book and convince yourself of our unique concept.

**Multi-surface paint pens and/or markers are recommended for coloring the cover (matte material).

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