Advanced Reading 1:精選閱讀
Advanced Reading 1:精選閱讀
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  • 精選閱讀 精彩內容
    * 理論篇針對閱讀能力的提升,分析探討六大閱讀技巧。
    * 精選50篇多元主題文章,廣泛閱讀各類題材。
    * 測驗篇的試題結合理論,讓你深入理解,實際活用。
    * 本書符合大考中心公佈7000詞彙分級表之範圍,讓你輕鬆迎戰大小考。
    * 解析本詳列中文翻譯、難字提示、試題說明,達成自我評量之功效。

  • 作者:王郁惠


  • 關於Reading Power

  • 理論篇
    Unit 1 辨認文章主旨(Main Idea)
    Unit 2 掃描段落細節 (Details )
    Unit 3 利用上下文猜字義 (Vocabulary in Context )
    Unit 4 辨認指涉詞 (Reference )
    Unit 5 推論 (Inference )
    Unit 6 段落結構 (Structure )

    Unit 1 Intelligent Design: Creationism Repackaged?
    Unit 2 From Scared Kid to the Best Storyteller
    Unit 3 CAN One Enjoy Ballet?? Just Maybe . . .
    Unit 4 Key to Our Survival?
    Unit 5 Five Foot–Something
    Unit 6 WHAT’S IN A NAME?
    Unit 7 Procrastination: A Barrier to Completing Work
    Unit 8 Exit the Dragon?
    Unit 9 The Cultural Impact of TV’s Friends
    Unit 10 Ang Lee’s Path to Success
    Unit 11 Uncoding the da Vinci Surgery System
    Unit 12 Stay-at-Home-Dads: A Kindlier, Gentler Society?
    Unit 13 The Puzzle of Memory
    Unit 14 Pluto Gets Plutoed
    Unti 15 What Motivates You?
    Unit 16 Game On
    Unit 17 An Attractive Man
    Unit 18 Thumbs Down for BlackBerry
    Unit 19 Vision Defects and Corrective Lenses
    Unit 20 Who Are Your Real Friends?
    Unit 21 The Eyewitness Problem
    Unit 22 Dangerous Obsession
    Unit 23 Lance Armstrong: Le Tour de France Didn’t Make Him a  
    Unit 24 Sneezing in the Summer and Gagging on Plums
    Unit 25 The Bittersweet Truth about Sugar
    Unit 26 And They Live Happily Ever After…
    Unit 27 Olive Oil: The “New” California Wine
    Unit 28 How Successful Advertising Campaigns Work
    Unit 29 Bullies: From the Schoolyard to Cyberspace
    Unit 30 Will Global Warming Cause Worldwide Political Conflicts?
    Unit 31 Forget the Sting: Wasps Recruited for Explosives Detection
    Unit 32 Catch-22: From Fiction to Real Life
    Unit 33 And You Thought Sugar Was Bad For You!
    Unit 34 Don’t Put Those Comic Books Away
    Unit 35 Modelling Industry Today: All About the New
    Unit 36 Woe Is Jan. 24
    Unit 37 Emails Can Make Cowards of Us
    Unit 38 American Idol or Object of Ridicule
    Unit 39 Eco-chic
    Unit 40 Idiot or Savant?
    Unit 41 Designing for Women
    Unit 42 Feeding Baby Right
    Unit 43 Round-the-World Plastic Surgery
    Unit 44 Were the Lights on in Ancient Egypt?
    Unit 45 Crossing Cultural Borders
    Unit 46 True Love: A Short Course
    Unit 47 Mom’s Wisdom
    Unit 48 LOHAS = “Happy Life”: A Worldwide Trend for the Good of the Planet?
    Unit 49 Winning Handicap: Matthias Berg
    Unit 50 Puppies Behind Bars