The Great Spruce
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Together with his grandpa, a young boy finds a way to save his favorite tree in this heartwarming Christmas tale

Alec loves to climb trees—the little apple trees, the wide willow trees, even the tall locust trees. But his favorite is the great spruce, with its sturdy trunk and branches that stretch up to the sky. Alec’s grandpa planted it as a sapling years and years before Alec was born, and every Christmas, Alec and his grandpa decorate the tree together, weaving tinsel and lights through its branches, making it shine bright.

But one day, a few curious men from the nearby city take notice of Alec’s glistening great spruce, and ask to take it away for their Christmas celebration. Though it’s a huge honor, Alec’s heartbroken at the idea of losing his friend. With great courage and creativity, Alec comes up with a plan to save his favorite tree in this joyful holiday tale.


John Duvall grew up on Long Island, NY where he started work as a tree climber during his school years. Here he developed his passion for trees, which turned into a lifelong vocation. Working two careers, he was an arborist as well as documentary soundman, recording stories on farming, forestry, public parks, land use and a variety of environmental topics for the BBC, PBS, HBO, and other television networks. In 2009, he wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about the Christmas Tree tradition. He's currently advising for a tree farm in Jamesport Long Island.
Rebecca Gibbon was born in Wales. The youngest of four children, she grew up on the picture books of Edward Ardizzone, Roger Duvoisin & Richard Scarry and dreamt of becoming an illustrator. This dream was realized after gaining a first class Honours degree from John Moores University and consequently a Masters at Royal College of Art, London. She lives with her husband and two boys in what was once the Old Village Stores, surrounded by their eclectic collections of vintage children's books, balloon pumps & 1950's ceramics. She loves junk shops, flea markets, drinking tea and, of course, drawing.