Electricity for the Hvacr Technician
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Electricity for the HVACR Technician introduces foundational concepts in HVACR electrical systems, guiding students through basic system design and construction to troubleshooting for complex circuits and devices. Combining conceptual electrical knowledge with practical, step-by-step techniques, it equips new technicians with the skills and knowledge necessary to service and repair commercial and residential HVACR systems.

* Builds a comprehensive understanding of HVACR electrics over the course of 20 chapters, starting with basic electrical components and moving on to detailed systems and processes
* Equips students for challenging work in the field, with a focus on safe work practices and habits
* Includes up-to-date information on the latest technology, including solid-state components and electronically commutated motors (ECMs)
* Teaches use multimeters and other test instruments along with strategy-based troubleshooting to diagnose problems and test circuits in a variety of contexts
* Filled with pedagogical features that reinforce learning, including review questions for each chapter and application tasks for new skills

Written by a group of experienced HVACR service professionals, Electricity for the HVACR Technician emphasizes the practical, essential information that technicians will use on a day-to-day basis. Allowing new technicians to apply their knowledge and skills from the classroom to successfully troubleshoot and repair electrical problems in the field