Kill or Be Killed
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Two-Book Omnibus

Book 1 - Don't Even Think About It

Whether hot on the trail of a killer who carves off his victim's faces, or putting together the pieces of a case to bring a local college professor's killer to justice, Hock Hochheim is relentless as he investigates a plethora of criminals, tracks them down and arrests them. In Don't Even Think About It, Hock shares the details of his life investigating crime. He tells how he escaped New York City on a motorcycle, headed west, planning to catch a freighter to Australia. But he ends up instead in Texas dodging bullets and tracking down criminals, first as a security guard, then in Asia working for Uncle Sam as a military policeman and investigator. Hock also explains how he parlayed military service in law enforcement into a civilian police investigations, private eye and bodyguard career that spans nearly three decades.

Book 2 - Dead Right There

The sequel to Don't Even Think About It Here Hock recalls his experiences as a bodyguard, his many years as a detective working crimes against persons, tracking two serial killers and catching a hit man, plus his years as a private investigator. Dead Right There educates, while it entertains, and leaves the reader turning pages well into the night. Along the way Hock reveals the thrills, spills and mysteries as well as the missteps, he encountered serving in law enforcement both in the U.S. and abroad.