Acne and Rosacea
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Praise for this book:

This well-structured book is useful for dermatologists in practice and training as well as for plastic surgeons, general physicians, and all health care personnel applying laser/light treatments for acne and rosacea. The size of the book is easy-to-handle and allows acquiring a broad insight in pathophysiology of both diseases and a balanced overview of medical and cosmetic therapies with a reasonable expenditure of time and money. -- A. Thielitz , Archives of Dermatological Research, March 2012

Acne, rosacea and sebaceous hyperplasia are very common skin problems that have a medical and cosmetic impact on the daily lives of millions of people. This book covers both the medical and cosmetic treatments of these skin disorders including all clinical aspects of the condition, aetiology, epidemiology, diagnostic challenges, and the latest theories on pathophysiology.

This is followed by chapters dealing with current medical therapeutics and laser treatments available for each of the conditions. In the case of acne, a separate chapter is dedicated to the treatment of acne scarring, a common and frequently psychologically-marring consequence of this common disease.


  • 73 full-color photographs complement the text throughout
  • The latest on the treatment of scars, an often psychologically damaging side effect of acne vulgaris

This book will appeal to dermatologists in practice and training, to plastic surgeons, general physicians and to all healthcare personnel working in the administration of phototherapy and laser treatment for acne and rosacea.

Director of Mohs and Cosmetic Surgery, Dallas, Texas, USA