Concorde ― An Icon in the News
  • Concorde ― An Icon in the News

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  • 出版日:2019/09/01
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Concorde’s first flight was on 2 March 1969, taking off from Toulouse for what was described as a ‘faultless’ maiden trip lasting 27 minutes. After that it took its place in history as surely the most iconic airliner of all time, as beloved by the lucky few on board as by the masses below, casting eyes upwards hoping for a glimpse of that famous profile. Concorde enjoyed an exceptional career, but disaster struck with the tragic Paris crash in 2000 and it seemed after that the world was changing and Concorde’s days were numbered. Retired at last in 2003, its emotive last flight saw its many fans gathering to pay tribute to the end of an era. This collection of photographs follows Concorde’s story through the eyes of the media who documented its every move from construction to final journey. Including many passengers, whether well-known faces or lucky competition winners, these stunning photographs from the Mirrorpix archives look back over the stellar career of a marvelous aircraft.