作者:Vahé Gérard  出版社:Flammarion UK  出版日:2016/03/09

The first book in this two-volume boxed set details the history and traditions of the cigar, from tobacco harvesting to the significance of the cigar ring and how to detect a counterfeit cigar, follow

定價:1097元   優惠價: 79867


2.The Chemical Components of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke

作者:Alan Rodgman; Thomas A. Perfetti  出版社:Taylor & Francis  出版日:2013/02/25

Authored by two longtime researchers in tobacco science, The Chemical Components of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke, Second Edition chronicles the progress made from late 2008 through 2011 by scientists in

定價:14130元   優惠價: 912717


3.The Cigar Lover's Compendium: Everything You Need to Light Up and Leave Me Alone

作者:Lawrence Dorfman  出版社:Lyons Pr  出版日:2010/09/01

After an expert tutorial on choosing, buying, lighting, smoking and enjoying a good cigar, The Compendium gets into the finer points of smoking, finding the right cigar shop, then gets into the arcani

定價:523元   優惠價: 9471


4.Playboy ─ The Book of Cigars

作者:Aaron Sigmond; Nick Kolakowski; Leroy Neiman (FRW); Joe Mantegna (AFT)  出版社:Skyhorse Pub Co Inc  出版日:2010/06/20

For some, nothing is as pleasurable as the smell and taste of agreat cigar. For them, Playboy The Book of Cigars will be thenext best thing to lighting up. Whether you want to learn the ?a?nerpoints

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5.The Complete Guide to Cigars

作者:Steve Luck  出版社:Parragon Inc  出版日:2008/01/01

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6.The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars

作者:Tad Gage  出版社:Alpha Books  出版日:2007/01/02

For millions of men and women, it?s the ultimate pleasure ? From private parties to hip bars to posh gentlemen?s clubs, cigar smoking has become an eight billion dollar global pastime. But, like wine

定價:698元   優惠價: 9628


7.Cigar Companion

作者:Marvin R. Shanken  出版社:Running Pr Book Pub  出版日:2005/05/31

Cigar Aficionado magazine, known worldwide for its celebration of the good things in life, revolutionized the art and enjoyment of cigar smoking. More than one million readers turn to the magazine to

定價:873元   優惠價: 79690


8.The Havana Cigar ─ Cuba's Finest

作者:Charles Del Todesco; Patrick Jantet (PHT); John O'Toole (TRN)  出版社:Perseus Distribution Services  出版日:1997/04/01

After two years in Cuba researching cigar production, the author has compiled a testament to this legendary status symbol that, according to connoisseurs, is transcendent in quality. He reviews the hi

定價:2275元   優惠價: 791797


9.The Gourmet Guide to Cigars

作者:Paul B. Garmirian  出版社:Cedar Pubns  出版日:1990/07/01

定價:1647元   優惠價: 91482