What Clients Love ─ A Field Guide to Growing Your Business
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Harry Beckwith is the author of Selling the Invisible, The Invisible Touch, and You, Inc., all marketing classics. In this book he applies his unparalleled insight, humor, and expertise to a new age of mass communication and mass confusion---and shows you how to stand out from the crowd.

From making a pitch to building a brand, from designing a logo to closing a sale, this is a field guide to success that will help you get focused, stay focused, and do the little things right and the big things even better. Filled with real tales of success and failure, these short, easy-to-read chapters will show you how to:

Get a great name. Think Jefferson Airplane: brilliant, attention-grabbing names often include the unexpected and the absurd.

Pitch with modesty while you brag. It's not a hard sell. It's not exactly soft. But it drives the message home.

Be able to sell to everyone. A mathematician once said theories should be explainable to the man on the street. Marketers, listen up!

Learn from Julia Roberts. Discover the scene from Pretty Woman that can teach you more than a full year at a top business school.

"These lessons make for great inspiration."

"It's very, very good... covers a broad spectrum of business practices, theories, and fallacies. You will surely recognize yourself, your company, or an associate."
Harry Beckwith is founder of Beckwith Advertising & Marketing, working with some of America's best 100 service companies as well as smaller companies across the country. A graduate of Stanford University and a former creative supervisor for one of America's most honoured ad agencies.