Game of Thrones Psychology ─ The Mind Is Dark and Full of Terrors
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This thought-provoking anthology offers a close examination of the psychology behind the intricate narrative and compelling characters in the popular HBO TV seriesGame of Thrones, based upon author George RR Martin's bestselling work, A Song of Ice and Fire.
In Martin’s richly detailed world, deceit, manipulation, and greed rule the day, and almost everyone is fighting to gain ultimate power over the realm. With no moral boundaries honored, the psychological games played by the series’ conniving protagonists are seemingly limitless. War, murder, violence, and rape are only a few of the weighty issues these 19 analytical essays explore—along with personality disorders, post-traumatic stress, and psychopathy. Covering both the books and the show,Game of Thrones Psychology will become a fan favorite.
Travis Langley is a psychology professor at Henderson State University and the author ofBatman and Psychology (Wiley) and the volume editor of The Walking Dead Psychology andStar Wars Psychology (both Sterling). He speaks regularly on media and heroism at pop culture conventions and academic conferences including San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and WizardCon conventions across the US.Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics and other films have featured him as an expert interviewee and the documentaryLegends of the Knight spotlighted how he uses fiction to teach real psychology. He writes for thePsychology Today blog “Beyond Heroes and Villains” and is the #10 most popular psychologist on Twitter with over 87,000 followers: @superherologist. Travis lives in Arkadelphia, AR.