The Rule of Benedict ― Christian Monastic Wisdom for Daily Living: Selections Explained
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This practical resource for finding peace, meaning and God, from the pen of a sixth-century monk, can help guide your own spiritual journey.Long description: Many people today are realizing that the cultural focus on competition, success, acquisition and constant busyness is ultimately not satisfying. They hunger for a way of life that has more lasting value and deeper meaning. For centuries, people within and outside Christianity have turned to the writings of Benedict of Nursia, a sixth-century monk committed to shaping a life of humility and compassion, to guide their spiritual lives. His Rule speaks profoundly to our contemporary search for spiritual grounding. Anglican laywoman and writer Esther de Waal says that Benedict’s Rule helps her know “how to be human now today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life.”This accessible introduction to the Rule of Benedict, intended for readers unfamiliar with Benedictine monasticism, presents the Rule as a guide to a God-centered, balanced approach to life. It shows us how to use Benedict’s wisdom to build relationships and communities formed by love and respect. It offers historical background and personal reflections on Benedictine topics such as living in the present moment, balance, finding God in everyday life, individual and community prayer, hospitality, and healthy approaches to work and service.