Blessed at the Broken Places ― Reclaiming Faith and Purpose With the Beatitudes
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Discover how Jesus’s blessings convert emotional suffering from a source of shame to a resource for faith. Long description: When you hurt, what does it mean for your faith? Too often church culture and religious individuals suggest that emotional pain shows lack of faith or sin against a punitive God. How ironic—Jesus suffered loneliness, misunderstanding, persecution and death to meet us at the lowest places and lift us to hope and life with his resurrection. Reframing apparent defeat as the first step in a life of purpose, this book shows how Jesus’s blessings, the Beatitudes, address the paradox of living through suffering on the way to joy. When you feel depressed or anxious, unworthy or ashamed, this book helps you recognize Jesus as a fellow struggler who meets you in your suffering, offering and embodying life and hope. It will help you hear Jesus’s blessing you when you feel least worthy of blessing. This vital resource features engaging spiritual practices and group discussion questions ideal for use by individuals on their own, in counseling or in groups. Christians and seekers in emotional pain as well as counselors, clergy, spiritual directors, Stephen ministers and family members will gain needed insight and guidance for the spiritual journey through suffering.