Perfect Assumption: Billionaire Workplace Romance
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From the author of the Amaryllis Series and Glacier Adventure Series, comes a touch of gold...

For the last ten years, I've guarded the gate to my heart.

I've lived under a shroud of despair after I was emotionally devastated. I isolated myself to avoid seeing my name in the media since I was thrown to the wolves.

But that was then, and this is now.

As the legal assistant for an entertainment law firm, I'm the gatekeeper into the heart of the deal. Even as I handle celebrities all day long, I try to avoid becoming the focus of the media's attention. Because I know full well once I become their target, I can never run far enough to avoid their attention.


I've struggled with fears of opening myself up to the kind of vulnerability necessary to fall in love. I had a strong conviction love was meant for someone else until one day something slipped.

Who knew dropping that cup of coffee all over my grumpy boss may have been the best thing to happen to both of us?

On the surface, Ward Burke has it all.

A handsome lawyer, I know he doesn't need to work if the scandal sheets declaring him a billionaire are anything to go by. But he's never noticed me before now.

Or has he?

We start to realize we've been making some pretty big assumptions about each other.

He's game to taking our relationship to a different level, but I'm terrified it's going to set off a sequence of events I'm not prepared to handle.

And quite possibly prove I'm not quite done paying for what happened in the past.

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