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Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022: Book & Software Kit

Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022: Book & Software Kit


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Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022 is the easiest way to create your estate plan, whether you're just getting started or you want to update your previous arrangements. This powerful software guides you through the process from beginning to end, giving you the practical and legal information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022 includes:

  • A customized estate plan, including a will, revocable living trust (individual and shared), health care directive, durable power of attorney for finances, and other essential documents
  • New for 2022 Transfer on death deeds (for those states that offer them)
  • An easy-to-use interview format that lets you complete documents at your own pace
  • A user-friendly legal manual to answer common questions
  • A team of lawyer-editors working to ensure each document reflects the laws of your state

Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022 is the original will-writing software, created and updated regularly by Nolo's experts. Free legal updates will keep your program current through 2022. Technical support is also available.

Here's more about the documents you can make with Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022

Will: The heart of every estate plan is a will, also known as a last will and testament. This legal document puts you in control of who inherits your property and who would take care of your children if it were ever necessary. Without a will, state law determines these issues. Your will also allows you to name an executor (sometimes called a "personal representative") to carry out your wishes. And you can appoint a trusted person to manage property left to young people. With Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022, you can revise and update your will whenever you like.

Living Trust: Use a living trust to help your estate avoid probate after you die. Like a will, a living trust distributes property to the people you name. But unlike a will, property that passes through a living trust can be passed directly to your beneficiaries, without waiting for court approval -- saving your beneficiaries time and money. With Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022, you can make an individual trust or make a shared trust with your spouse. You can also use the program to create revocations of trust (if you want to end your trust) and certifications of trust (so that you don't have to show your entire trust to financial institutions). You can also use the trust restatement to update your trust as often as you like, without needing to retitle your property.

Health Care Directive: Spare your loved ones difficult decisions by laying out your wishes for medical care (living will) and naming someone to carry out your instructions (power of attorney for health care).

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances: A durable power of attorney ensures that someone you trust (called your "agent" or "attorney-in-fact") will be on hand to manage the many practical, financial tasks that will arise if you become incapacitated. For example, bills must be paid, bank deposits must be made and someone must handle insurance and benefits paperwork. In most cases, a durable power of attorney for finances is the best way to take care of tasks like these.

Transfer on Death Deeds: Instead of transferring your home using a will or living trust, some states allow you to use a transfer on death deed to decide who will own your home after you die. Unlike wills, transfer on death deeds allow a property to avoid probate. And unlike living trusts, transfer on death deeds are simple documents that are easy to make and finalize. They are also revocable at any time. Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022 will let you know whether transfer on death deeds are available in your state.

Final Arrangements: Plan a funeral or other ceremony and ease the burden on your loved ones. Describe your preferences for burial, cremation, memorials, obituaries and more.

Documents for Your Executor: Make sure your executor has all the forms and instructions necessary to do the job: checklists, letters, notices and claim forms.

Information for Caregivers and Survivors: Organize your information so that your survivors don't have to. Use these documents to give them details about everything from bank accounts, to passwords, to the names of people you'd like contacted in the event of your illness or death.

Letter to Survivors: Use the Letter to Survivors to leave your loved ones detailed explanations about your decisions. For example, you may want to let them know why you made certain gifts or named a particular person to be your executor. You can also use your letter to leave some general thoughts about your life.







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