The Last American State: Volume III: The Founders

The Last American State: Volume III: The Founders

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Newly retired from the CIA Jack Claiborne and his stunning wife, Ginny, fresh from their honeymoon, are now settling into their homestead and hand-built log cabin in the Alaskan bush with a breath-taking view of Mt. McKinley. Their plans for a simple subsistence life amongst wolves, moose and grizzly bears is changed forever with a visit by an older man with a shocking story: the American Nation is finally collapsing, Muslim peacekeepers from the UN are coming to the USA with an ulterior motive--and the entire US Military is escaping this catastrophe to regroup in Alaska to take America back--all under the command of this visitor. A visitor who gives Jack an invitation to join his efforts, an invitation Jack cannot refuse: to rescue and restore America. In a new world dominated by China, Russia and the European Community, with radical Islam leading the charge to capture America, Jack and Ginny are thrust into a dangerous world. A world where suddenly, they find themselves calling the shots--except for the ones coming their way. From repelling attacks from around the world and in their own front yard, to a HALO jump into Europe for a commando raid, riding out an attack in a submarine, to a sickening fight with our former allies, Jack has to navigate a world--while struggling with his PTSD that has returned with a vengeance--that is turned upside down. Jack Claiborne finds that with great responsibility comes greater risk; that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Jack is pushed to the limits of his sanity in his war to save the America that he--and the rest of us--grew up in. Robert D. Leigh is a retired registered nurse from the Army Reserves and the Veterans Administration. He is focused now on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting the patriotic preservation of the USA as founded. His Last American State series--with two more installments in the works for a total of five--his non-fiction title The Racist and his blog writing are all dedicated to these ideals. He lives in southern Arizona with his wife, Denise and four elderly rescue dogs. He writes weekly on his blog at







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