Millennia Mortal in Move: Gather the Myths and Religious Classics. Ignite Your Inner Self.

Millennia Mortal in Move: Gather the Myths and Religious Classics. Ignite Your Inner Self.

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Transcending Space and Time-An Epic Fusion of World Mythology, Religion and Spirituality

This novel series inherits the quintessence of thirteen unique and legendary classics that integrate diverse myths and religions, including The Divine Comedy, Journey to the West, Siddhartha, Ulysses, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Lord of the Rings, Dune, Harry Potter, and more. It synthesizes the surreal and real wisdom of humankind, pioneering the metaphysical fiction genre.
This is more than just a novel; it is a spaceship of time and space that takes you on an epic voyage across the cosmos. It is a key to unlocking spiritual transcendence. Interwoven throughout are treasures of wisdom from ancient and modern civilizations worldwide, encompassing mythology, religion, mysticism, science fiction, history, astronomy, geography, and more. Each chapter has a distinct style and flavor, awaiting your discovery.
The story follows four ordinary lives-Luxevian, Yelinisa, Heishon, and Anqinea, whose lives are disrupted by a sudden incident. Drawn into an epic adventure, they travel from future Earth to the genesis of the universe, undergoing endless soul reincarnations until finally awakening as guardians of the cosmos. Through gripping twists and turns, they will uncover the secrets of creation, experience the magical power of Reincarnated Hundredfold Soulmates, and battle dark forces within and without. The radiance of humanity will also shine through in the face of apocalyptic crises.

Part One, Volume I - A.D. 2074, the Shadow of the Apocalypse
In this futuristic era, human society has reached an apex of political unity, establishing the "Solar System Alliance" to dominate almost the entire solar system. However, with social turmoil in constant flux, the four protagonists get caught up in complex societal networks. They uncover that sinister dark forces are about to descend prematurely, threatening the world with apocalypse once more. They decide to accept the mission and become the world's guardians, taking action to save the world before the Creation Gods can return.
Part Two, Volume I - B.C. 10000, Rebirth
After awakening in Tushita Heaven, the protagonists reincarnate on Earth around 10,000 BC, a billion years after the planet's birth. Atlantis reigns but its civilization is about to decline. The protagonists begin their lives across different lands, encounter one another, and embark on their individual stories.
Part Three, Volume I - The Great Flood and Salvation
In the decades after their rebirth, the protagonists gradually awaken to their mission. As Atlantis' dominance crumbles, they leave Earth for a distant time-space. When the gods unleash their apocalyptic calamity to destroy the world, the protagonists return and undertake their earth-shattering actions.

Note: This novel is the first volume in a series, whose second and third volumes are being created, hoping your waiting...







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