English for Everyone Box Set ― Beginner 1+2, Course & Practice Book (with Online Audio)(共四冊平裝本)(美國版)

English for Everyone Box Set ― Beginner 1+2, Course & Practice Book (with Online Audio)(共四冊平裝本)(美國版)

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A new, exciting, and intuitive way to learn English, this comprehensive self-study course--now available in a beautifully packaged box set--is uniquely visual, engaging, and easy to follow.

Combines innovative visual teaching methods with the best of DK design to make the English language easy to learn. The beginner-level box set includes Levels 1 and 2 of the course, taking you from complete beginner to pre-intermediate level, and covering skills such as talking about yourself, describing places, giving advice, and making suggestions. The set includes two course books and two corresponding practice books. The practice books are essential companions to the course books, offering extensive exercises to drill language skills and improve fluency.

Key language skills, grammar rules, and vocabulary are presented in a clear and simple way, with attractive illustrations to put new words in context. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises, backed by extensive audio and interactive digital practice, are presented in bite-sized modules, allowing you to learn at your own pace. The English for Everyone beginner-level box set makes it incredibly easy to start teaching yourself English.



Rachel Harding has a background in English-language teaching and is now a full-time author of English-language learning materials. She has written for major English-language publishers including Oxford University Press.
Gill Johnson is an experienced English-language teacher, author, teacher trainer, and conference speaker. She currently runs a large modern languages department at an international school in Sussex, UK, and spends her holidays training teachers worldwide.
Victoria Boobyer is a freelance writer, presenter, and trainer with a background in English-language teaching and teacher management. She has a keen interest in the use of graded readers and the sound pedagogical use of technology in teaching.
Thomas Booth worked for 10 years as an English-language teacher in Poland and Russia. He now lives in England, where he works as an editor and English-language materials writer, notably of course books and vocabulary textbooks.
Barbara MacKay is an experienced English-language teacher and author. She has written for major English-language publishers including Oxford University Press and MacMillan Education.
Claire Hart is a freelance author of English-language materials. She has published a range of print materials and created several online courses. She also teaches English at the University of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Course consultant: Tim Bowen has taught English and trained teachers in more than 30 countries worldwide. He is the coauthor of works on pronunciation teaching and language-teaching methodology, and author of numerous books for English-language teachers. He is currently a freelance materials writer, editor, and translator. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.
US consultant: Professor Susan Barduhn is an experienced English-language teacher, teacher trainer, and author who has contributed to numerous publications. In addition to directing English-language courses on at least four different continents, she has been President of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, and an adviser to the British Council and the US State Department. She is currently a professor at the School of International Training in Vermont.







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