Women Working Lovingly with God

Women Working Lovingly with God

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Our Master Holy Spirit is giving us new details on the lives of seven intriguing Bible women who impacted greatly man's redemptive salvation journey. But, interwoven in their stories are the varied experiences of women I have come to know, or heard about, shedding light on common situations that are sure to help us in blessed ways, receive secrets God has gifted us with in this book. These insights will help us grow in God's love, goodness, kindness, the loving of man, preservation of our families, and in winning gloriously by Who He is.

Explore and experience our loving God in endearing ways, as our Master Holy Spirit offers us new perspectives on Holy Mary, Eve, Rahab, Hannah, Ruth, Queen Esther, and the Shunammite woman, showing us mysteriously, how they connect to the Garden of Eden, to our Lord Jesus Christ, and our living today. Our Master Holy Spirit, in a loving display of God's love for us, details how God prepares His loving women for their role assignments, taking us through a mystery-filled glorious journey involving these spirit-filled heroines in their cooperation with God to recover man. But greater surprises await all.

Vashti's fall from grace, for example, would have been a subject of common discussions among ideal minds and nothing more. The eventual gatekeeper, Mordecai, however, saw the hand of God in the moment. The search for a new queen was no longer a causal discussion but a momentous one, and it would impact many lives. The gatekeeper hatched a divinely led plan to bring down the hand of God.

It is only fitting then that Queen Esther was the secret built into the complex display in the palace garden. In the tapestry of this story is the wisdom of our great God. God had found two great messengers, Queen Esther and Mordecai, to ensure the protection of the foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ. At the palace at the citadel of Susa, some mysteries were embedded in the layout of its garden. To an ordinary eye, it was a well-laid-out display of beauty and splendor. The mundane things around us often hold mysteries that we must at times decode to fully understand how they impact our lives and to benefit from them.
As Queen Esther, she was given divine courage, strength, self-sacrifice, vulnerability that would turn around the strong to a weakened foe (Haman). These gifts were placed inside her to help her control the attention and focus of the King and to strengthen her; she would need more than her gracious beauty to sustain her and save her people. This would unfold in the coming together of her beloved people in a heart unified in both purpose and a show of their loving ties to God.
Esther's saving of the Jews is a warning to all who seek to destroy the innocent. God's covering over Israel remains our covering, for we are the spiritual children of Abraham.
The queen had no children of her own, but in a glorious amazement, this barren woman would now be a mother of the nation she would lead to safety, to the disgrace of the foe and avenger (the Old Serpent in the person of Haman). God had given Queen Esther multiple graces to overcome the wickedness of Haman, though this was unknown to her and her people. When the crown of God's love is over a person or people, though it may not be noticeable to the naked eye, we cannot tamper with them; doing so would be touching God's winning heart.

I hope those who read this book would have experiences of their own to tell of, drawing from the guardian Spirit who orchestrated its good writing. Know that our Master Holy Spirit is the compassionate understanding, laughter, and support we offer those in need; the lovingkindness we show our kin, friends, bosses, peers, and colleagues; the hungry we help feed; the elderly we bless with our time, love, money, care, and love; and much more.

As you read this book, may you find in your own life's journey the strength and wisdom of the women whose lives and roles are examined here un







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