Why We Love Beer: All You Need to Know about Beer History, Flavors, Types of Beer, and More (Brewing Culture Explained)

Why We Love Beer: All You Need to Know about Beer History, Flavors, Types of Beer, and More (Brewing Culture Explained)

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Illustrated Guide to Beer Brewing Culture

Learn about the origin of one of the world's most beloved alcoholic drinks with Why We Love Beer. With a collection of beer history facts, recipes, and recommendations to choose from, you too can brew amazing drinks passed down from centuries of distilling experts.

A beer-making book for hop lovers everywhere. So many people enjoy beer, but little do they know about the beer ingredients that go into their favorite drink. But what if you could understand how to make the types of beer that have influenced millions all over the world? Featuring recipes from beer capitals such as Belgium, Ireland, and the United States, Why We Love Beer explores the art of beer and brewing for you to try at home. With easy-to-follow instructions and exciting recommendations, you'll be able to make and taste hops like you've never experienced before.

Learn how to be a professional brewmaster. Everything you need to recreate iconic beer recipes is available in this impactful beer-making book, including facts to enhance your new skills. Dive into the brewing culture that has shaped the drink that we know and love today through informative beer history facts to take inspiration from. From the first hop garden to modern advances, you'll not only find a new appreciation for international beer, but also enjoy a glass of delicious history.

Inside Why We Love Beer, you'll find:

  • The science behind beer ingredients and how they impact your flavors
  • Types of fermentation that work best for certain homebrew beer
  • Which brewing supplies and techniques to use
  • Recommendations for the most delicious beer snacks
  • Beautiful photos of beer ingredients, processes, and finished drinks to try
  • Vivid beer photos to take inspiration from

If you enjoyed books like Doctors and Distillers, Clanlands, or The Beer Lover's Guide to Cider, then you'll want to read Why We Love Beer.







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